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About UsOnna for every window
More than 45 years, Onna has transform the light in your home and defining the mood of your unique and beautiful space.
Our journey began in 1975

PT. Onna Prima Utama was established in 1975 and operates in the Window Fashion industry, manufacturing products such as Blinds, Curtains, Insect Screens, Wallpaper, and Partitions. The company has five factories located in Jakarta, Semarang, Batam, and Medan.

With over 150 Onna Franchise Store outlets spread throughout Indonesia, our top priority is ensuring high-quality products and services to make our customers happy.

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Our Factory
PT. Onna Prima Utama
Jl. Kapuk Utara 1 No. 3 & 5 Jakarta, 14460, Indonesia
Email: info@onna.co.id
Ph: (021) 29328138
Hp: 0855-1503-577

Our Office

ASG Tower
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk No.2, Jakarta 14470, Indonesia

Ph: (021) 29328138
Hp: 0855-1503-577
High quality & premium products
Onna has 4 categories that can be adjusted according to your budget
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Onna Blue

With carefully selected components from Indonesia and China, Onna Blue maintain the quality of the products throught meticulous and skillful craftsmanship, and deliver satisfying products to our customers since 1975

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Onna Gold

For those who prefer a touch of luxury and hight quality, Onna Gold offers the perfect balance between enhanced quality and economic value with components specially chosen from renowned manufacturers in Taiwan and Korea.

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Onna Platinum

Onna Platinum proudly presents an exclusive and luxury range of products. The components are selected from Japan with remarkable quality dan design to offers you the ultimate experience in window fashion products.

Onna Motorized

From the latest manual system to state-the-art-motorized system. Onna Motorized offers a greater flexibility and an electric product selection with Somfy (France) and Alia (China) brands. Get your Onna home motorized now

Onna Factories

To fulfill Indonesia customer needs


For your convenience to get our products

Vision & Mission

Onna for Every Window

Corporate Responsibilities
Whether it is for commercial or domestic property, our products such as Solar Screen Fabric and Honeycomb Fabric is ideal to block UV light and
substantially cool down indoor temperature. They are able to reduce the fading of your interior and decors, reducing the energy consumption of
cooling systems and help to decrease carbon emission

We are dedicated to provide advanced Fire Retardant fabrics now and in the future. Onna’s fabric collection use Fire-Retardant treatment to reduce fire hazard and provide safety measurement. They have been tested to meet international fire code and standards. (NFPA 701 & BS 5867)


ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality Assurance Certified, which indicates the company’s adherence to quality management practices and outstanding workplace safety


Increasing awareness of the importance to fight global warming and committed to environmental sustainability to become a member of GBC

Onna Blinds are made from Eco-Friendly Fabrics, we do the selection of fabric that are free from harmful chemicals and safe not only for
the environment but to human

Onna for every window, better interior starts now
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